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T They have written for us

The Academy attracted the interest of many international, national and local media, throughout the seven days. Among them, the news agency of Greece, “Athenian – Macedonian News Agency” and others, such as:

"Осторожно, фейк!" | "Beware. Fake!"
Новгородские Ведомости, 31.07.19

"Το θερινό σχολείο που προσφέρει μια αληθινή εμπειρία ζωής!" | "THISAM offers a true life experience!"
Parallaxi, 14.07.19 

"Souvenirs from Thessaloniki: new ideas for journalism"
Deutsche Welle, 26.07.18

"Nationalist rhetoric and minorities in Greece"
Deutsche Welle, 24.07.18

"Priangarya editors taught to create and identify news fakes in a media school in Greece"
Irkutsk Media, 24.07.18


For any questions, please contact us at  joursummerschool@gmail.com

Specifically for administrative issues (registration, accommodation etc.) please contact us at thisam@symvoli.gr

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