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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Summer Academy?

An intensive multi-disciplinary training course aims to provide in-depth knowledge and robust skills on important topics and evolutions in media and communication. Participants in this course will emerge with a better understanding of the latest academic research, policy, market and professional trends in the focused area, as well as develop a network of colleagues to share their experiences, ideas and points of views.

2. Who can apply?

Bachelor/ Master students of Journalism, political science, International relations, etc.
PhD Students of Journalism, Political Science, International relations etc.
Professionals from media and other related organisations who need a deeper understanding on the issues to be addressed.

3. How can I apply?

You must be fluent in English and send a completed application form (1) & a copy of the applicant’s CV (2) to the following email: thisam@symvoli.gr
For any questions, please contact us at joursummerschool@gmail.com.

4. Where does it take place?

In Thessaloniki, Greece.

5. What is the timeline of the Summer Academy?

10th January-20th of May 2019: Application period deadline
31st of May 2019: Decisions will be mailed out


For any questions, please contact us at  joursummerschool@gmail.com

Specifically for administrative issues (registration, accommodation etc.) please contact us at thisam@symvoli.gr

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